Monday, October 24, 2011

Home SWEET Home

Praise God for His faithfulness to get us through this trip and bringing us HOME!

What a way to come home too, with all our family and close friends there to greet was SO SWEET and felt so good to see all those familiar faces cheering and holding signs, balloons, and gifts. I couldn't hold back the tears.

Even the family who planted the seed of adoption in my mind all those years ago...Greg and Angie Hutto. This was a special moment for me.

Our girls together...where has the time gone...look how big Alana is now!

My family drove all the way from OKC just for this moment.

Charlie's parents.

Charles' teacher Mrs. Diaz from last year even came.

And lots of friends who have supported us along the way.

And my sweet friends who have walked this road before me and know exactly what we have been through, and the comfort these ladies bring me without even speaking a word...priceless!

I'm sure I'm missing a few people, but please remember my brain is fried from SEVERE jet lag and it was not my intention to leave anyone out...Sorry!

We loaded up and headed for home.

Her 1st time in a car seat. Once the car got rolling she was fine.

Only minutes later all 3 of our children were fast asleep...We were exhausted!!!!!

We had a sweet greeting at our door from family who could not make it to the airport. HEY, WERE HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hannah seemed right at home when she walked in. We all couldn't wait to show her her room. I had taken photos of her room and put them in a book along with pictures of family members who she might soon see, praying it would help the transition. All I have to say is, "I am one smart lady!" When she walked into her room she looked around and started pointing at all the things she recognized with the biggest smile. I put her up on her bed and she began to roll around and giggle with pure joy...AMAZING!!!!!!!

It's a good thing cause I made half the things in here, but I think it's safe to say she LOVES it! :o) The best part is that she has been sleeping in her room ALONE since the very 1st night, which means I have been sleeping in my own bed...I cannot tell you what a blessing and miracle this is. God is SO good!!!!!!!!

She has adjusted to being here so well! We have seen less of the melt downs, and while she does still wake at night (guess I can't have everything), all in all she is doing great.

She is such a girl!!! She came to us with a love of shoes, purses, bows in her hair, clothes...

and dancing! So different, yet so fun.

Now if I can get the last suitcase unpacked and get over this jet lag, maybe I'll be dancing too. :o)

More pictures of her 1st room for those who care.

All the furniture was bought 2nd hand from Canton or my new favorite little shop, Golightly's Antiques and Tearoom. Bedding from Target, pillows and curtains made by my talented friend Amanda Eisenhour.

Song bird painted by yours truly.

Bookshelf made out of old french doors.

Tree branch from our neighborhood, with little decorative bird houses (thanks Gina for helping me make these).

Cross painting by yours truly.

Such a happy room...if I do say so myself! :)


Kim Smith said...

So glad for an update. We have been checking. I just didn't want to call you for a few days so you could get somewhat settled. We have been praying for all, and glad it is going so smoothly. GOD IS GOOD!!! We just can't wait to get to know Hannah. I know it will take some time for her to love well at least like us, but we are just already in love with her from the pictures. I can tell she is a Campbell. Just perfect for your family. Prayed for Mark and Charles getting back into school. Hope they are glad to be seeing their friends and hopefully are adjusting back to Texas time. Look forward to seeing you all soon. Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! I love the Welcome Home pictures!! Sooooo wish we could have been there:)

Do you know that I painted that same EXACT Pottery Barn picture for Emma's room last year?!?! Hannah and Emma have something in common! A sweet friend saw it and wanted me to paint her one's perfect for a girl's room:)

We can't wait to meet our new little family member! The kids keep asking for the daily update...I keep telling them that you guys are HOME! I don't think they'll believe me until they SEE y'all!
Good night...hope I can sleep! Those Texas Rangers got me all wound up ;O)

Anonymous said...

Her room fits her perfectly. You did a wonderful job on it and you can tell she already loves it! Glad you are all safely home and am praying for continued smooth transitions. Love you all! Aunt Cel

The Meyers said...

God is so good! I'm so glad the transition went so well. That was so smart to send pics! Glad yall are home. It's been fun watching the journey to get her!

The Meyers