Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 9

Sorry I'm just getting to this, but with all the travel, getting in SO late, being SO tired, and Charlie and Hannah still sick it was just impossible to think of pulling out the computer to blog. :( Still not much time and Charlie now has a fever (NO KIDDING), so I will just let the pictures tell the story (isn't that the only reason you logged onto my blog anyways??? Enjoy!

Oh how happy this made Mark!!!!! They held hands all the way to gate.

I know she looks happy here, but she cried at least 1/2 the trip...and even though she is finally starting to take to her daddy that is not who she wanted during her fits while on the plane. UGH!

Our new guide, Simon. Whatever Simon says, we do!!!!!

Our new 5 star hotel...frankly after the last one we would have been OK with a 3 star. This one is S-W-A-N-K-Y...THANK YOU GOD!!!!!

The End!


granny sims said...

Thank yu for posting. I know it is hard on you but You know your mom, I worry until I hear ;-) so glad ya made it to your next stop!!! It looks like everyone is adjusting to each other a bit more. It will be baby steps but in a few months it will be normal for you all.
Wow, when Hahhah smiles she lights up like a Christmas tree !!!
Charlie I am sooooo sorry you are sick! We will say extra prayers for you!!!! You hurry up and get well so you can enjoy the rest of your trip.
6 more days ow. We are getting so excited!!!
Hugs and kisses ! xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

Gina said...

Yay!! So happy for you that your hotel is better! That's how we felt, our in province hotel was awful so smoky, construction, etc. I felt sooo much better once we went to GZ! I am so excited that Hannah is adjusting and bonding more with the boys and Charlie! And yes it's always mom they want when they are having meltdowns! Soon though that won't be the case anymore! Isn't GZ beautiful? I'm guessing you went to the island today. A tropical Chinese vacation! Enjoy your shopping! Praying your health exam is uneventful. The swearing in at the consulate was pretty emotional for us...Hannah will soon be an American!! ;-). Praying for Charlie and Hannah! Maybe if she feels better her next set of flying won't be so traumatic! Continuing to pray for Mark and Charles as they are adjusting to little Hannah getting so much attention from mommy! The balance will come though! And of course praying for you for too many things to list!! ;-) Love you guys!! Get some good sleep tonight in your swanky hotel! Gina

Kim Smith said...

Oh so sorry Charlie has fever. I know he is so frustrated. Continue to pray for full healing for him and that Hannah can get rid of her cold too. You are great at capturing the "Happy" times. Everyone looks super. We love the pictures, but your stories too. Can't wait for you all to get back in the country. I pray God continues to give you(Denise)the health and stamina you need to keep everyone else going. Charlie I know you are trying to fight through the sickness. Praying God supplies you with all the strength you need as well. Praising that you do have Amanda and Kevin with you all. I know that is just a help and a relief to know you are not fully alone well we know you are not alone with God. But, aren't we glad He gives us others here physically to help us as well. Hope you have been able to get some rest. Glad the conditions for the hotel are much improved. Give the boys hugs and kissess from the Smith's an when Hannah is ready we will give her hugs and kisses. If she will let Mark and Charles tell them to tell Hannah it is from Kayleigh, Tyler, and Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Kim.

Mark and Charles forgot you have to give you Mom and Dad hugs for us too!!! You can skip the kissing for them. :)

Heading to soccer!

Donna Hill said...

Seeing the pictures are always great & I do love them ALL, but Denise, I have to say, I have really enjoyed reading your blog! You have done a great job with it! I see a book in your future!!!! : ) I can only imagine how crazy it all is!!! I know how crazy it is just getting halfway across the USA, but you are travel across the world!!! Wow!!! That statement alone is overwhelming!!! So, no... I take it back...I can't imagine!!! Maybe next time we ALL will just go with you, I'm sure that would be much more helpful!!! Lol!!! Well, anyway, thanks for posting whenever you get the chance!!! I know it can't be easy when you are trying to
focus on your most valuable earthly treasure...Your
Family!!!! Thank you for taking us along on this journey with you!!!
Charlie, I am soooo sorry you are not feeling well!!!! I sure hope you feel better quickly!!!! Just know we are pray for you!!! Mark & Charles, looks like your little sister is warming up to you quickly!!! How could she not though? You guys are so much fun to be around!!! Okay, Emily wants me to tell you, "Hi"! She says she really misses you!!! Hannah, I just wanted to tell you, I have a little 4th grade friend who is Chinese. He is teaching me a special word for you in Chinese, so I can't wait to share it with you!!!! Okay, Campbell family, I hope you all get some rest & everyone fells better quickly!!! I bet you all are getting anxious to get home!!! Thank God, it won't be much longer!!! We miss you & can't wait to see all of you!!!!
Love you bunches!!!

Becky said...

So glad to see an update. Sorry to hear about the germies! We will be praying for healing and restoration. I love seeing her brothers being so sweet and protective of her and her responding to them. One day at a time...

That hotel looks incredible! I hope you are taking good notes so you can fill us in with every detail sometime.