Wednesday, May 4, 2011

We've seen the face of an angel!

All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be. Psalms 139:16

Tuesday April 26th we got the very much anticipated phone call we've been waiting for. On the other line was our agent announcing, "You've been matched!!!" She said the little girl's file was still being translated and I had about 20 minutes to get to my husbands' office or for him to get home. I grabbed my cameras and headed straight to Charlie's office. I called him on the way to tell him the exciting news. Do you know how hard it is to drive a car when you are shaking from all the adrenaline running through your body? Charlie arranged for us to go into a private conference room where we waited for the email to come through.
The moment we sat down the email popped up. This is what we saw:
Her Chinese name is Shao Qing Chu. Sorry, still not sure of an American name, or if we will keep part of her Chinese name. We want to wait and see if this is a name that was given to her by her birth parents who kept her for the 1st month of her life, or if this was given to her by the orphanage she was placed in. Her birth parents did leave her with a birth note (which is somewhat rare, yet a HUGE answer to our prayers). She is 17 months old (as of the 17th of April). She is from Hangzhou City in Zheijang Province (close to Shanghai). After initially living in an orphanage, she was placed in a foster home at 5 months and it sounds like she has received really good care from the foster family.

As far as her medical need...She was born with a hole in her heart known as ASD. This is one of the most common heart defects children are born with. The pediatric cardiologist who reviewed her file told us the hole seems to be closing on it's own, however we have about a 50/50 chance of her still needing heart surgery once we get her. All of this information was based on her last check up with the Chinese doctors this last December (which was also the time this picture was taken). We are praying that this hole will continue to heal on its own and that she will not need any surgery once she is home. She is very small in size (don't let the picture fool you...I think she is dressed in at least 15 layers under that fluffy white coat). She's so cute!!!
They have told us we should travel to China sometime in late August or September (do you know how long that feels after seeing that sweet face?). Oh my goodness, this is going to be the longest 4 months ever...Not that I have 1 thing for a 17 mo. old, or a room ready for a little GIRL.

Our boys are SO EXCITED. It was so cute to watch them tell all their friends and teachers the next day at school (BTW, Charles is dressed like this due to the Kenya tea party his class had for all the moms that day).
It has been so sweet to hear them make plans on who gets to pick out her blanket, who gets to pick out her stuffed animal, what they think her name should be (which surprisingly are very sweet names); but the sweetest moments are hearing them pray and thank God for their baby sister. I know bringing this little girl home is going to rock their world once she's here, but for now I will bask in the sweet blessing of their pure joy.

As far as how Charlie and I are feeling, I think this next picture sums it up pretty well...It's a GIRL!!!