Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Funny Valentine

This was Hannah's 1st Valentine's Day with our family (or ever for that matter). It was a sweet day indeed. Every year I pull out the China (by this I mean fancy plates) and dress the dinning room table with all of our best things.

The kids LOVE this!!! I make a meal and serve a chocolate fondue dessert (can you believe I found a dairy-less version). It's one of our favorite desserts as a family, and from these next few pictures you will see why we only do this as a family...LOL.

Obviously it was a hit for this little sweet tooth as well.

Every year I joke I'm going to make everyone strip to their underwear before dessert.

I don't think the Melting Pot would ever let us back in after they saw this.

Chocolate was everywhere!!!

Can you see the chocolate all over my husbands hand? Yep, even the grown ups enjoy themselves.

It's SO yummy, fun, and worth the mess.

Then we opened Valentine's Day cards.

She loves Mickey Mouse...and if you have never seen her do the "Hot Diggidy Dog" dance then you are missing out. We asked her if she could open it up, and this is what she did...every time. It was so funny!

Charles' turn.

On to Mark.

And Charlie. I'm sure you're all wondering what's inside...Not gonna tell!

It was a sweet night, on a sweet day, with my sweet family. I LOVE THIS DAY! But really, every day in the Campbell house is like Valentines Day...lots of L-O-V-E. Happy Valentine's Day Y'all.