Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day 11

Today was shopping day, and shopping we did do!!! The one thing I was determined to buy while in China was some pearls. So we were taken to a pearl wholesaler to pick them out (individually), and have them strung right in front of us. It was AWSOME!!! My whole life I've wanted pearls but could not bring myself to buy them, but here you can get them SO much we made the splurge. :)

First up, a pearl bracelet for Hannah.

She loved it so much she gave me a hug...all on her own. :o) Although, she should be hugging her sweet daddy for them.

Next up, my pearls.

LOVE THEM! Thanks Honey!!!! These are my 1/2 birthday present for tomorrow.

Then I had some simple drop earrings made, and a special gift to set aside for Hannah one day before my CPA told me the bank was about to close. :( I guess if you spend enough money in the store you get a free gift, so the lady brought me a sweet little neckless with 2 pearls together in a locket to represent Hannah and I being together forever...AWWW!!!!!! For some reason Charlie did not find this as sweet as I did, I think he was still hung up on the fact that we spent enough to get a "free" gift.

Then we walked back to catch our bus to take us back to our hotel, but not before taking this cute picture...sorry, but I do not know how to flip it around.

Oh hey, remember the time when our family went to China and our whole family got sick? You all know about Hannah and Charlie, but listen to this. I was literally typing a praise this afternoon about Charles and how well his body has adjusted to his terrible diet the past two weeks when....Charles throws up pizza all over the floor and fancy couch of our hotel room! He then complains that his throat is hurting, which makes me pretty sure he has Strep.

Have you ever tried to communicate to a Chinese doctor about antibiotics and medical terminology? Not easy people! So we've started the whole family on antibiotics that I had prescribed before the trip. I just hope they will kill Strep! Please pray for Mark's health. He is notorious for getting croup and we really don't want to deal with that here. The devil really seems to be attacking our whole travel group through our health. There are other families dealing with health issues as well. But we are praising God through it all because we know he is able to deliver us and we are already seeing improvement in Hannah and Charlie.

So we decided to skip the traditional Cantonese dinner our guide planned and stay in and eat Subway tonight (thanks Kevin and Amanda for the food run).

On a final sweet note, we realized this was our first family dinner with just the five of us! Oh, the big giant fan in the picture...that could be a whole blog post all by itself, but basically it's to dry the fancy carpet after Charles spewed all over it. :(

Y'all, please pray Hannah starts sleeping through the night better. It's normal for her to be going through this phase, but with such busy days, someone always sick, AND the waking up 4-5 times a night, well let's just say I'm a walking zombie! Honestly, we are ALL just exhausted!!!!

Matthew 11:28-30 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light>.”


granny sims said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing so quickly :-)
We absolutely loved the hug picture, that picture was worth a thousand words!!!!! We can see her warming up to ya'll more everyday. I guess that is why we are so anxious to see your post each day. Charlie, you may have to find a part time job, it looks like Hannah is going to love the finer things in life like! you better start praying for a perfect match for her like I did for Denise, and God sent you ;-)
Charles, we are so sorry to hear you are sick, We will say a few extra prayers for you to get better real quick! Extra kisses to you too ;-)
Mark, don't you be getting sick too just so you can get extra kisses, I am sending you some just so you won't get sick. Oh, and extra prayers for you too ;-)
I hope everyone else is feeling much better and get a good night of sleep and rest. Denise, we know we got your boost of medicine with the pearls and wonderful hug so surely you will be well the rest of the trip (we pray)!!!
Well, 5 more days. I am trying to stay busy so time can go faster. (Dad said busy checking your blog. He can just be rude He is just as anxious as I am to hear me read it to him and see the pictures)
ALL of you get well and stay well!!!!;-)We love y'all ;-)
Hugs and kisses xoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox
Mom & Dad

Anonymous said...

Fun day! Well, except the throw up:( Poor Charles! We will be praying he gets well quickly! Mark, we hope you don't get sick!! We are praying hard for you! I hope this was a better day for Charlie too...hoping the antibiotic is killing off whatever her had.
We all loved the hug picture and the cute picture of Hannah in the stroller:) Are y'all sleeping with that fan blowing in your face?? You KNOW David would be LOVING that! Ha!
Can't wait for y'all to come home...5 more days:) We have already been praying for the plane ride and for the Lord to bless it in a mighty way. I know you all must be extremely exhausted, physically and emotionally. We pray that everyone just crashes on the plane that brings you safely home to start this sweet new life:)
Much love to all of you from home!

Melissa said...

Praying for health and sleep! You may be sleep deprived but the glow on your face is priceless and those long nights haven't taken your sense of humor. What a testimony to our great God! Praying right now for "sweet sleep" and no croup. Those nights with Abby & Gabe seemed to drag on forever, we just experienced it a few weeks in Austin when Abby's asthma flared at 2am and I woke up the whole family giving her breathing treatments. Luckily, she has been fine now that we're back home and on a new diet! Blessings my sweet friends, know we're praying for you'all!

Kim Smith said...

Hey all, just got home from church and missed you even more not being there. After the offering plate past he said I held it alittle longer for the Campbell's so he was thiniking of you all too. Love the pearls and Hannah looked so sweet there shopping with her mommy. I see fun days coming in the future!! Hope the bank opens up for you again.:) Charlie how lucky and blessed you are for 2 girly girls now! So, sorry Charles got sick. Have been praying the food would be okay for him. I do hope the medicine works on whatever is in the system for you all. Glad to hear that Charlie and Hannah are starting to feel better. It is the middle of the night for you all now and praying that all are sound asleep as I type. I know how interrupted sleep can get to you down. I know how it gets me down!!! Well, Kayleigh wanted to know since the pearls were for you 1/2 birthday. She is wondering what Mark and Charles are getting for their 1/2 birthday? Already praying that everyone will be feeling much better before the flights home. We are so excited to see you all. It seems like a long time.

Kim, Stephen, Kayleigh and Tyler

Cheryl said...

It sounds like you all are ready for home...I can soooo relate! I hope everyone starts to feel better. Those precious moments are such a treasure amid the sick, hectic, unpleasant ones. Remember that things WILL improve and treasure the good times, right?! It's all a bonding experience! And Hannah is SO adorable, oh my goodness!! Thanks for sharing your journey. It brings back memories!

The Meyers said...

Oh no! Praying for you guys and your health! The pearls are the sweetest! What a special day!

The Meyers

Unknown said...

Sweet story about the pearls! Of course, I can't say the same about Charles' story. So sorry that you're sick also, Charles. Praying for each one of you, for health, that you'll all be able to enjoy the last days in China. Missing all of you!

P.S. Found Charlie's keys by accident yesterday :)

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you know this song, but I couldn't help but think of y'all singing it this weekend...Have a great day!
If the link below doesn't show up, just copy and paste to your browser:)

Donna Hill said...

Man, oh man, I think y'all all need to hurry home so y'all all can get well!!! Very cool you and little Miss Hannah got pearls from her country....what a great keeps sake that she maybe able to pass down to her daughter some day!!! What meaning that would have!!! Plus, you have pictures to tell the story!!! Even the picture of the unexpected hug!!!! Very sweet!!!! And to see the very sweet look on her face...what sincerity!!!
Charles feel better might need some of those special pills...the pill's Nanna gives out, you know the colorful round ones with M&M on them!!! Heeheehee!!!! Those always make everyone feel better!!! (at least that's what Nanna says)!!! Seriously, I do hope you feel better quickly!!! Hope you know we are praying for you, Buddy!!!
Mark, I hope you stay well!!! Don't be kissing on your brother!!! : ) You might ought to start those colorful pills Nanna passes out, too, just so you won't get sick!!! We are are praying for you, too!!!
Hannah, you better start getting used to those colorful little pills before you meet Nanna!!! Maybe if you start it in small doses, maybe you won't get sugar sock!!! : ) Of course we are still pray for you as well, little sister!!!
Charlie, I think you have earned the right to something more than just the cute little colorful pills...go for the king size Snickers bar!!!! : ) Hope you are feeling much better!!! Denise, you just need to find a know what to do!!!! : ) Man, I should have gotten my Dr's degree!!! Heeheehee!!! Well, for real, I do hope you all are feeling better & we are certainly praying for all of you!!!
Love you bunches!!!