Saturday, October 15, 2011

Day 10

10 days...REALLY??? That's a LONG time people!

So today was a good day, yet a really bad day all at the same time. Good day because Hannah made great strides with her daddy today, yet bad day because her daddy was VERY sick. Hannah too is still hanging on to her cold and we may have to start her on an antibiotic.

We started out the day on "Stork Island" with Hannah's medical appointment. This was a real joke if you ask me (but nobody did), but it's all part of the process. She was given a great report, and we were sent on our way.

We left the medical building and spent about an hour walking around Shamian Island.

Then we did a little shopping before lunch at Lucy's American Bar and Grill. It was a beautiful day sitting out on the patio eating cheese burgers and singing along to Air Supply...we are in China, right??? :o)

This is one of her MANY silly looks she gives...She fits right in with our family, don't you think?

The boys and I walked around to explore the hotel while Daddy and Hannah took naps. This place is BEAUTIFUL y'all!!!! Just happy to be in a clean place where we can walk the street without everyone having to wash all the black HEAVENS ONLY KNOW WHAT off our feet. Nasty I tell you! Oh, and we even saw a little bit of blue skies for the first time since we left the states...NO JOKE!

Charlie was really not feeling well today (he did start his antibiotics...hope they are the right kind for what he has) so the rest of us set out for some Mexican food while he stayed back at the hotel. :) The food was not bad I have to say. I cannot tell you how thankful I was to see that Hannah liked it...sorry, but you cannot live in this family unless you like Mexican food.

If you think of it, would you please pray for Charles. He is having a really hard time with Hannah not embracing him as fast as he would like. She has made small steps towards both boys every day, but has been much slower to letting him in...and he is SO aware of it. It just breaks my heart! I think too he is missing his mommy time too, and that is really hard with a little one who needs so much attention right now. We keep encouraging him to be patient, and tonight after putting Hannah down I spent some time laying and cuddling with just the boys (even though I was SO TIRED). He really needs the prayers y'all!

Hannah continues to make baby steps everyday, but she still has a couple of moments every day of complete melt downs. Most of the other families are dealing with the same thing with their children, and I am so thankful to feel their support and true understanding (however, I wish none of our children had to go through this). It's not a fun thing to watch! The crazy part of it is that before and after we have the happiest child in the world. I can not explain how hard this is on our own emotions. I just wish there was something we could do to take away all her pain and confusion, but all we can do is pray and believe that God one day will.

Because with our God ALL things are possible!!!! (Matthew 19:26)


Sammons said...

Praying for Charles! Have fun these last few days. Take the kids to the animal safari park it's a blast! You'll be closer to pandas and tigers than you could ever dream and you can feed the baby lions and tigers a bottle of milk for like 2 bucks!!!

Donna Hill said...

Wow!!! That was the fastest night of sleep!!! Lol!!! It looks beautiful there!!! I love that picture of Mark & Charles in the middle of those really cool trees!!!! I also really like love the last picture of Hannah...she looks soooo adorable in that outfit!!! I think my favorite pic is the one of you with your tongue hanging out!!! Lol!!!! Emily stressed out with that pic...she hates the tongue depressor more than anything in the world!!! She hated that they did that mean thing to her new cousin!!! : ) Charlie, you got to feel better!!!! Man, I know it's hard enough being sick, but being sick in another country, that's got to be a whole different ball game!!! I
really do hope you feel better quickly!!!! Still praying for
you!!! Certainly we have been praying for all of you, but we
have been praying for the specific request, too!!! So, we
are praying for your request regarding Charles & that
Hannah will quickly take to him!!! It will happen!!! I know it's
just hard during this adjustment time!!! I know we keep
thinking of all the changes little Hannah is going through
and indeed they are great, but yet it's change and
adjustment for all of you, so we will pray God brings those
adjustments with easy!!!!
Love ya bunches!!!
P.S. So thankful Hannah like Mexican food!!! Lol!!! : ) Now, if she like Chick-fil-A you'll be good!!!!! : )

Unknown said...

New sibling arrivals are always harder on the older ones no matter the situation. Praying for both boys and health and emotional strength for everybody.
Loving the pictures and updates! I checked your blog two dozen times yesterday :)
Love and hugs all the way from the USA to China :)

Kim Smith said...

Wow, it really is beautiful there. Glad you had some time with the boys today. Sorry Charlie is down, but glad he got to rest and know you all were doing okay without him there. Yes, very glad Hannah liked Mexican food. That is good for all of us. Will certainly be praying for Charles and Hannah to really connect. I know it will come and she will have such a relationship with both boys. As I said before so thankful God is giving you more strength than you can imagine. Praying everyone is getting great sleep now, and Charlie wakes up refreshed.

granny sims said...

Thanks, Denise. for another post!! I sure do miss talking to you :-( It seems like y'all have been gone forever!!
Maybe we can visit Joe T's while we are there since Hannah likes Mexican food too. Wow she is just going to fit right in I see it more and more!!
Charlie, Iam so sorry you are so sick, you are pulling a Becky. I get sick every time we take a major trip. Remember our cruise, I was so sick. Maybe the medicine and rest will kick in and you will be feeling better real soon. It looks like there is a lot to see and do. I hope Hannah is feeling much better too. She sure had a nasty cough the other night. Denise DON'T you get sick next! Get plenty of rest and try to stay well.
I loved the pictures, I think her love is growing each day for all of you. She seems to be taking to Mark and Charles more every day. I think the one where Charles was holding her and she was holding Marks hand were priceless..
Charlie you better be careful I see her sweet little smile melting daddy's heart. The picture of you two was also very cute. I think I have to agree with Donna the one of Denise saying awwww was the top one for the day :-)
Denise shop,shop and shop some more that will be the key to staying well ( sorry Charlie but you know how she loves to shop)
6 more grueling long days!!!!! I sure hope they go fast!!!
Prayers, Hugs and Kissess to you all xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxox

Anonymous said...

Hello! I am hoping today was a great day:O) Friday and Saturday I was with a group of women for our Women's Retreat at church. Got to talk with a friend about her beautiful adoption story from the Congo. As we sat, I pulled up your blog and we all read the latest updates and they saw how beautiful Hannah is:) A two for one as I didn't see Friday's update! :O)
Praying those antibiotics kill whatever it is Charlie has and that Hannah gets well very soon. It looks like the Lord is answering prayer for Charlie and Hannah to bond more too:) Also praying for sweet Charles. When Ben was born, Emma was 6 1/2. She was able to tell us that she was sad that Jacob never had another sibling and now he did. She said she was scared that he would "love Ben more than he loved her":( There had been a bond that only the two of them shared for almost 4 years...and they are not twins. I am praying that the Lord creates an inseparably sweet bond between the three of yours very, very soon...and it would be extra sweet if it were at the same time:)
How are you feeling?? Is your friend Amanda better? I am so glad Hannah likes Mexican food...what in the world is Mexican food like in CHINA?!? That really makes me laugh!
Ok, off to a fun Sunday with the family...Your day is ending and we look forward to a new post...we ALL love gathering around the computer to read the posts and see all the pictures. The kids LOVED you sticking your tongue out! Although, Emma said, "That part always makes me think I'm about to throw up!" :( Have you heard about our Texas Rangers!!! :O)

granny sims said...

Good morning ;-) I hope everyone is feeling much better today. We are patiently waiting for day 11, NO PRESSURE !! We just wanted you to know we are thinking about ya;-)