Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Day 14 (REALLY!!!)

First off let me just say that Hannah had one of her worst nights yet. :( I'm not kidding when I say she whined almost all night. Charlie and I are both so tired it's not even funny!!!! The great thing about this hotel room is that it is SO BIG and has 2 huge rooms that close off from each other so the boys are sleeping great, but the crib is right at the foot of our bed and even with a sound machine we hear EVERYTHING! The moment one of us goes over to pat her she is out, but it is only a temporary fix. We finally lost count of how many times we were each up...but it was a lot!!!!!! The bitter sweet part is when it was time to wake up this morning she was ALL hard to stay mad at that!

Today started off earlier than the rest, but it was a BIG day and I think our guide wanted to make sure we had plenty of time and were not late. Don't worry, EVERYONE asked me several times today if I still had my camera to make sure I didn't loose it again. However we were not allowed to bring any cameras into the government building...we knew this was their rule but it still just stinks! One of our biggest moments could not be caught on camera, but don't worry, I still took cute before and after pictures. :)

Hannah went in as a Chinese citizen...

And came out (according to China) a proud American citizen. She will not be given final citizenship until we hit LA back in the states...but this was a huge step!

Oh the fun she had with the American flag!

A little game of peek-a-boo.

In Chinese Hannah means "Sexy Lady", this is her working her sexy.

One last stop for family photos before heading back to the hotel...really, cause it's getting really hot and we are all SO TIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then it was time for the famous photo of all the adoptive families in our group...this is not easy when everyone is tired and hungry. Wow, and are we all tired. This has been a really hard trip on most of us, so I think we look pretty good if you ask me. Some sweet families in this group, and I am going to miss the instant understanding we all have with one another. :(

Our last Mommy shot together.

And our one and only shot of just the children...they will thank us for this later. There are some really sweet children in the group and they all seem to have wonderful parents. We are looking forward to watching them grow and bond with their new families.

Last I just wanted to give a little update on Hannah. She is doing so well with all things considered. She now knows us as Mama and Daddy...Yea! With all the Chinese people around she comes to us for comfort when she is scared or sad. She now LOVES her daddy, she even cried this morning when he left to take the boys down for breakfast before us. She is SLOWLY opening up to the boys (we do still have a lot of work to do on this one), she speaks some english words now (mama, dada, trash, turtle, Papa, diaper, night-night, more...), she likes bath time, and LOVES changing her clothes, putting on shoes, and having a bow in her hair. Here are a few pictures of her over the last week of trying to do those things herself. :)

This one she is trying to get one of the boy's underwear on.

She is doing so great, yet we still have a long way to go emotionally. As Charlie reminded me the other day, being here and going through all of this is really the easy part. We still have to take her home and raise her...and her biggest change has still yet to come (not sure if those were the most encouraging words to give me at that time, but they are so true).

We have had a great time here in her home country of China, but we are all really getting home sick. It makes me really sad when I think of her feeling the same way after being in America, but there will be no going back to the only life she has known. I know this is a great thing, but nonetheless a sad truth we will have to gently walk her through. I am praying and trusting in God that He will continue to give us the strength, energy, patience, and wisdom to do just that, cause right now it all feels a little overwhelming to me (and that's before the big travel back to the States).

I know we have asked for some big prayer request over the last days, weeks, and months, but our biggest challenge is just ahead of us. Please continue to lift our family up in your prayers. We are all going to need it!!!!!

Thank you all for walking this journey with us all the way to China. We are all SO VERY THANKFUL for each of you. We cannot wait to introduce her personally to each of you so very soon! Please understand if that may take us a little longer than we hope...she will set the pace for a little while.

Now, we pack...AGAIN! Tomorrow is our last day here...we leave tomorrow night for LA.


Lia Joy @ life is aMAYESing said...

Corby and I are continuing to pray for you in every way we can! I love seeing the pictures of you FIVE as a family!! You make a beautiful family! I love that Hannah is now loving Charlie! I know that makes him feel good!

We are praying for safe travels and for a smooth transition for Hannah as she starts her life in her new home! :)

Love and Blessings,
Lia Joy and Corby

Anonymous said...

Praying! Love the flag pictures:) And the kids really love the pic of Hannah with the boy underwear:O) We can only imagine how exhausted you guys are. We are praying the Lord will just fill you with energy, patience, joy, grace, love, and rest. We are excited to have you back home...and can't wait for the right time to meet sweet Hannah and congratulate the boys on their new sister! We will continue to pray for you all even when you are here at home...have been praying for days about the looooong flight:)
Much love,

Kim Smith said...

Love the pictures of everyone and so sweet to see Hannah playing with the boys things; even if it is underwear. Tell Mark and Charles that means she is already looking up to them and wanting to do what they do!! Soon she will be chasing after them in the back yard wanting to hit the ball just like they do! We truly can't imagine how tired you all are and I know that you will be relieved to be back home, but yes a huge adjustment still coming for Hannah. It is so sweet and good to hear that she knows you both as Mama and Daddy and that you LOVE her! That is huge and will continue to give her the security she needs as she faces new things now each day! I know Mark and Charles are probably ready to be back to school and see all their friends. Wow! will they have lots for "show and tell". Praying now for restful sleep and peaceful sleep for Hannah. So, glad you will be heading back tomorrow night. We will be praying for safe travel and good travel for everyone. God to grant you all sweet peace and comfort on the trip and patience as you need it!! WE KNOW HE IS ABLE! Love you all and so happy to have been able to hear some that goes on each day with all of you. Love you and glad you all will be home soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Praying that God will equip you & Charlie with everything y'all need for the journey home and the many years that will follow!

Thanks for taking the time to update the blog everyday-such dedication! It has been so much fun staying up to date with the entire family.

Kathleen Brown said...

Oh, this has been the most amazing far....and I expect the Lord God Almighty to work in your midst as you travel and open the next chapter of the journey.
She is the perfect sister for Mark and Charles and a darling daughter for Dad and Mom!
I feel like I'm packing too and ready for you to head back home!
Hugs to the boys and Miss Hannah!
Kathleen Brown

Anonymous said...

PS We ate at PeiWei tonight in celebration:O) Thought y'all should know!

Donna Hill said...

Okie-dokie...if I am reading your travel plans correctly, you all should be headed back to the good 'ole USA!!! Now, that excites me!!! I am ready to have you all back!!! I don't know how many times I have needed/wanted to pick up the phone & call!!! I guess absents really does make the heart grow fonder!!! Okay, my hearts grown fond enough...please hurry & get home!!!! : )
I know you are probably on the very long flight back to the US, I am so praying for all of you...I know it could be a very trying time, but I am praying for the opposite!!! I hope it is enjoyable and that things go very smoothly!!! How
exciting to about 13 hours or so, Miss Hannah will
finally be here in the US!!!! Yippee!!!! You know, you all
may not have gotten to see her take her 1st steps when
she learned to walk, but you will be able to see her take
her first steps on US soil...steps of freedom!!!! Wow!!!
That's pretty cool!!!...and of course many many milestones
to come!!! I am so excited!!! Thank you, thank you, thank
you for taking all of us to China with you through your blog!!! What an amazing trip!!! I have to say though, I don't think I am as tired as you keep saying all of you are!!! Lol!!! Seriously, I know it had to be hard to keep your blog up dated with all the info & all the uploading of pictures, but I am so thankful you did!!!! Just think, it won't be long & you get to sleep in your own bed with your own pillow, in your own home, with all "3" of your children down the hall, snug as bugs in their own beds...I bet that is music to your ears!!! Just a little longer!!! Okay, all that talking about bedtime is kind of inviting to me, so I'm going to go tuck myself in!!! Happy flying!!!
Love ya bunches!!!

granny sims said...

We loved all you pictures AGAIN!!!! We thought all of the flag pictures were absolutely precious. I am just in aww of all the cute little smiles that we have seen, hopefully it is just the beginning of many happy times ahead. Hopefully all those night time terrors will all fade away as she feels more and more secure and loved by all of us :-) we have not even met her yet but our love has grown with every picture and every word we have read. The girls in the front office can see my anxiety grow each day. I was down on my knees yesterday looking for something in a cabinet and Tammy said are you down there praying? I said yes I am praying Friday will hurry up and get here!!!
How is everyone feeling? I sure hope y'all are all feeling much better. I read Donna's post and she just about covered all my thoughts tonight. You know how that works, somehow we all think alike. I' m not sure why that is but maybe it has something about living in the same house for so long. Any way I won't repeat what she said and I was thinking. I do hope you all are having a good flight and all three of the kids do good on the flight. I am glad you have a lay over in LA. maybe it will help to break up the trip a little.
We pray for a safe and easy trip back to the GREAT USA.
We welcome you little Miss Hannah Campbell to our hearts, family and our country. We already love you!!!!
2 more days. I can' hardly wait!!!!
Hugs and Kisses to you all!!!xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Mom & Dad aka granny & papa
ps. I do hope we are working on the word "GRANNY"