Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Day 6

Wow! What a difference 24 hrs. can make! The day started out fine. Hannah slept through the night (outside of coughing and moaning from time to time due to the nasty cough she came with). She woke around 7 am, and had a bit of confusion on her face, but still happy. We all ate breakfast, and skyped home for the 1st time. Another great day, right???

WRONG!!!! Out of NOWHERE something happened (what, we are not sure), and from there she fell apart. This is very normal for most adoptive children (especially the older they are), but I guess we let our guard down a little too much and a little too early. She became very fearful, and nothing seemed to calm her down. Very withdrawn, and would go from almost hiding in my arms to kicking and screaming to the point it was hard to hold her. We asked our adoption guide if she thought this was just due to her cold, and she said she thought she was just going through the typical grieving...Oh how I was just hoping it was the cold.

We set out for lunch (KFC today...BLAH) thinking it would help since she likes to be outside, but it was only a temporary fix. She began to really fuss, then fell asleep in her carrier. Due to this being way before her nap time, we were now way off her normal schedule...bummer! Things got progressively worse as the afternoon went. We finally laid her in her crib later in the afternoon, and I patted her to sleep...poor thing cried herself to sleep. :(

About 40 minutes later she woke with a night terror (this can also be normal, but again we were hoping and praying we would not have to deal with this). She did settle and go back to sleep on the bed next to me, where she slept a good hour and a half more.

She woke crying and still somewhat afraid and withdrawn, but finally began to pull herself out of it about the time we left for dinner (the nicest most up-scale Pizza Inn we've ever seen...I'm not kidding). Hannah did great, and even sat in a high chair most of dinner. She was back!!! The rest of the night we saw the same smily, happy, playful girl we had yesterday...even giving kisses at the table. Thank you God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a really hard day to see her act this way, and to feel SO helpless in that moment...broke our hearts. Please pray for her to have fewer moments like this. However, I know it is normal and even good for her to grieve in this way...so maybe you should just pray we will be calmer and more patient to just let her get it out. YUCK!!!!!

P.S. You might also pray for our friend Amanda who is traveling with us, she came down with a cold yesterday. In spite of her cold she is being such a trooper (while in another country)...they too read all comments, and love hearing from their friends and family. Please pray the rest of us can keep our health, and that Hannah too will wake feeling better.

FYI, the reason for all the narly fast food today was mostly due to a very nasty experience last night with the Chinese food...even Hannah wouldn't eat most of it, and she's from here.

Good night prayer warriors. We are so thankful to have you at a time like this!


Anonymous said...

We are praying! Tell your friend, Amanda, we are praying for her to sleep well tonight and wake feeling much better.
Praying you all get sweet rest tonight...and that Hannah wakes feeling as secure and loved as she is...praying for you guys to have an extra amount of patience, grace and mercy in those difficult times:)
Much love from home,

Roger Dearing said...

I am so appreciative for the opportunity to share this experience. I read your blog daily (sometimes more than once) and am amazed, as always, at how God works.

Praying for God to give you patience and comfort through the "rough" times, but mostly for wisdom to meet Hannah's needs even through the language barriers. No doubt she will feel your love more and more as the days go by.

Praying for Hannah and Amanda to feel better and get well. Also for Him to protect all of you from sickness.

I am honored to be a part of this journey.

God bless you all!

Roger Dearing
Kevin's dad :-)

granny sims said...

I think I know what was wrong with her !!! She was missing her papa & granny ;-) She was so happy earlier, sorry she had a step backward. We pray it will be the only ruff time of adjustment! She is so beautiful and love that smile ;-)
Gina wanted me to tell you she is very pretty. She also wanted me to tell you she is thinking about y'all.

Mrs. Brown, BCS said...

Oh dearest Campbell family of 5!!!
Laura RN and myself and the varsity v'ball coach are here just marveling at God's goodness in your lives. Hannah is a precious and darling little girl. There are those pictures of her walking to Daddy and hanging onto your arm while IN your arms. They are priceless!!! My heart is just PINK for you all! Hugs to Charles and Mark...they have a sister and will be blessed for the rest of their lives. We are cheering from Texas. You are all amazing "just the way you are" just like the song is playing right now!
Praying Jesus over you all! Amanda too. :)

Mrs. Brown said...

Just another word: your pictures are making us all feel like we are such a part of this wonderful happening. Thank you for posting them and sharing God's goodness with everyone!

Kim Smith said...

Dear Friends!! We are praying for you all and pray that Hannah and all of you have a restful night and that tomorrow is a new day. I know you were prepared for what happened yesterday, but felt maybe it wasn't coming, but like you said it is probably normal and the best thing. We just pray that is is short and that she finds security with you all quickly. She is so precious when she is smiling and sleeping like an angel. Praying for the boys too as I am sure they were sad for Hannah too. I know you all have prepared for so much and now we just continue to ask God to deliver all our prayers. Amnada, sorry you are under the weather. Hope you can get some rest and feel better and that Kevin and the rest of you stay healthy. Read the blog earlier this morning, but couldn't respond until now. Been praying all day as you I hope are sleeping!!! Keep letting us know how to pray and we just ask God to continue to guide you through it all. Mark and Charles have you learned some new words? We are hoping you can teach us some Chinese words. Are you teaching Hannah her new English words? I know you are both great teachers!
We miss you all and know the prayers are being lifted up on your behalf. Thanks for letting us be apart of this journey.
Love you all!

Laura Asbell said...

Hey Cambell Family - As you know we've been up in the mts. of Tenn and N. Carolina where we got absolutely NO cell phone or Internet service, so or wasn't until we came down off the mountain and headed back towards civilization that I was able to read your blog. I got to catch up on the whole week at once! What a gorgeous, gorgeous baby girl you have there. We're so excited for you all. Daughters are great! We know! Sorry to read about her "off" day yesterday, but as you said, grieving is an important process and a necessary one. Just a little tip, whenever Claire got fussy and started pitching a fit, we just poked food down her. Worked every time. (I hope she reads this) Seriously, continued prayers are being lifted up for you all. God bless you and keep you. Hugs and kisses to everyone. Knucks Mark and Charles. Amanda, get better. Isn't that tea over there supposed to help that sort of thing? Go find some. Love, love, love, David & Laura

Donna Hill said...

I too read your post earlier, but was unable to respond until now!!!! Poor little Hannah....my heart breaks for her...just keep reminding yourselves about all the changes going on in her little life...they are wonderful changes changes, but she doesn't understand that...she will in a very short time!!! I could tell by watching her on video phone last night, she has a great personality...I believe she will adjust quickly...plus, I believe in the power of prayer, so I know she will be okay!!!! Normalcy is just around the corner, but there are still a few changes still to come with the up coming travel. The wonderful thing is, she will quickly learn
a few things that will never change....1st, She now has a family to call her own that will always be there for her and
love her. 2nd, and most importantly, she will quickly learn
that God loves her. He has loved her from the beginning
of her little life & He will never leave her!!! God has given
her to you to help her learn that!!! What an amazing thing!!!! So, just remember (I say remember, because I
know you know all of this) Psalm 37:5...Commit thy way
unto the LORD; trust also in Him; and He shall bring it to
pass...you have done the first part of this verse, now it's
time to wait on the Lord....He will bring it to pass!!!!! I
know it's hard when you feel helpless and look into those beautiful brown eyes of Hannah's....I know you want to do more for her!!! That's another beautiful thing, she will quickly learn what you all have done for her & your hearts desire to do even more for her!!!!

Hang in there little Hannah....you have greatness set
before you!!!! You have a life of stablitlity, now!!! A life of
peace like you have not known!!! You will be surrounded
with more love and care than you will know what to do
with!!!! I promise!!!! I know you may not understand all of
this now, but you will!!! I promise you that, too!!!!

Love all of you bunches!!!!

Donna Hill said...

What's up with the form of my last post??? Crazy!!! Oh well...whatcha gonna do? Lol!!!

Our TCU Family said...

So so so happy for you all! I don't have the words, but my heart is filled with Joy for you! So many times we see where God doesn't open a door we wanted, but again Ge shows us His greater plan and His perfect timing. I think of that as I look at how long all of you have waited. Now IRS time to Rejoice Him! Sending up prayers for Hannah and you and the boys. I pray that the time goes by so that you can soon all come home together. Love you!
The Friedmans ;-)