Thursday, October 20, 2011

Day 15 (Travel Day)

We are all packed, waiting for Hannah to wake from her last nap. I cannot explain the nervousness I'm feeling about tonight's flight. It's one thing to deal with her crying here in this huge room, but it's another thing on a plane of sleeping Chinese people (who cannot NOT stare at you with this "poor child" look/glare) in those melt down moments...just makes those moments SO much harder. Thankfully, we are seeing less of them, but they can still come out of no where, and almost always meal times.

I DO NOT know how people do this trip without having a close relationship with God. I am so thankful I am not (nor will I be) alone in this. He is my rock, friend, counselor, and source of strength. I am so thankful for how He has guided each step along the way, and how I KNOW he will continue to guide us.

I am also so thankful for my sweet husband whom I am still madly in love with (even after all of this). He has been amazing throughout this trip. He has been right there with me (even when he was sick) to do whatever needed to be done. It has been such a joy to watch him gently win Hannah over little by little. This little girl has one AMAZING new daddy! :o)

To our boys who have been the ones hit the hardest in all of this, I just need to take a moment to tell you just how proud we are of both of you. You boys have been such troopers in all of this. This trip is not easy for us adults much less 6 year old BOYS, but you handled it all better than we ever expected. I'm sorry Daddy and I have not had the time or energy to be there for you at times like you needed us to be, but hope you never questioned our love for you. Words cannot express just how much we love each of you. You both have been so sweet and patient with your new sister even when she has not shown the same respect back. It has been a blessing to us to watch each of you in your own way try and win her heart over. Watching the 3 of you run and giggle last night was a sweet taste of all the loud joy coming into our home soon. We love you both 10 times more than you could ever say!!! :o)

Kevin and Amanda, we could not have done this without your help. Thanks for helping at mealtimes, giving us rest time in the afternoon, playing a first grade school teacher, hauling our overweight luggage, and being our boy's playmates. You have put your own lives on hold to make this trip with us and we hope you will always look back on it with fond memories. We've prayed God would bless you through this trip and we're excited about your future, in whatever way He chooses to bless you.

There is SO much more I'd love to blog about from our time here in China and I promise you it will be worth the time to read! But until then here are just a few last minute random pictures from China. :o)

Taking in the sites of her 1st home one last time...and yes, no seat belts!

Red couch pictures from the White Swan.

Poor girl really fits right in!

Thank you Honey for always being willing to play my reindeer games!


Over and out to our 250 plus followers during our trip. Big thanks from the crazy Campbells! Hannah, we love you ALL the way to China...and back!!!


granny sims said...

Sooooo funny, Denise!!! It is good to see you have not lost your humor. They say the longer your married the more you look alike. I guess that is what is happening. It is amazing even Hannah is looking like y'all in less than two weeks!!!
I woke up this morning and my very first thought was, TOMORROW NIGHT!!!!! We are so anxious we can' t hardly control ourselves! PaPa just keeps running around the house saying, "yippee" I don't know how much longer I can keep him controlled!!! We are so anxious to hear all about your trip.
I am ready for you to be back home!! I hope your flight is going well and not too hard of a trip. I am sure y'all are all ready to be home to start you whole new life as a family of
Got to go get ready for work and try to keep my mind on what I am doing!! Qh and keep papa in control ( if I can)

Unknown said...

So excited to have y'all back! It's been fun keeping up with the whole experience through this blog - thank you! I'm glad to have come along :)
Praying for a GREAT flight home!!!!


Krista said...

Wonderful being with you--we will all be facing the same challenges on flights for the next 2 days. We too are nervous about the meltdowns and stares. Can't wait to hear we all survived it! Take care, sweet family.

Krista Ludwick, and Caleb, Ada, Evelyn, and Mia

Anonymous said...

I have lost track of where you are now...but I am thinking you are in the States??? We are praying for y'all and the kids are so excited about seeing Mark and Charles and meeting Hannah:) I am also praying for the "Good-byes" to the other families...that really makes me want to cry. I know that sweet bonds must have been created along this part of the journey...and I literally cried thinking of saying goodbye to the other families:( But, I am pretty much a cry baby! We love you all and can't wait to see you soon! Maybe for some Mexican food??

Melissa said...

I'm praying you have a quiet and calm flight home. I know Hannah was designed to fit perfectly into your sweet family.

If Hannah needs a playmate I think She and Abby would hit it off great! They both have the "third" child thing going for them with two older brothers!


Mrs. Brown-BCS said...

I am hooked on the Campbell's journey. Can I sign up to be notified when updates are made.
So happy for you all. The Lord has given you wisdom in abundance so far and will continue to be faithful!