Friday, October 21, 2011

Ground Hog Day

Last picture before we left our hotel in China.

Both boys got very quiet and very sad about leaving.

Charles almost cried a couple of times. :(

Sadly we got to live Thursday October 20th twice (because of time changes). :-/ However, it was not a bad day...somebody has been praying! :)

Hannah did GREAT! Had it not been for the mean flight attendant who made us get Hannah off the bed on the floor we made her, I think we would have made it through most of the flight without any crying. Hannah had a hard time with being curled up trying to sleep in a ball in her seat. She slept most of the trip on her back with both legs hanging over Charlie's seat (almost upside down)...but hey, she slept!!!! We only had about 2 moments of fussing.

The boys also did really good and they too slept almost the whole time (wish I could say the same about Charlie and I). Honestly, the trip home was way easier than the trip over...and we had an almost 2 year old with us. SO VERY THANKFUL!

Can I take a minute and introduce America's newest (and cutest) citizen to you? Miss Hannah Campbell!

This was a very anti-climatic moment...not even a "Congratulations!
Welcome to America". Kinda bummed me out. :( They did let me take a picture of her with a sign (that's all they would give me). Oh, and yes she is wearing pajamas...sorry, but that's all I had in her bag after she pee'ed all over the plane seat...that's what the mean flight attendant gets for not letting her sleep flat in the floor.
After checking into our hotel in California we headed for an In-N-Out Burger.

I think we spent the entire dinner counting all the blessings and things we love here in America. It feels SO good to be back!!! Now we are counting down the hours until we're back home...WE CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As of now, we are scheduled to arrive on AA 2448 at 6:55 pm.

Note to self...If Hannah comes up missing, check Kevin's suitcase. The boy has fallen head over heals with her! :)

Goodnight from California, USA...whoohoo!!!


granny sims said...

Yeeeeeee Hawwwwww!!!!!!! It is finally FRIDAY!!!!!! We are soooooo excited!!!!!!! Tell Mark and Charles papa is running around sayin yippee, yippee, yippee!! Tell them they may want to warn Hannnah about their papa!!! ;-)
We were so Happy to hear that you longest part of your return home is over and went so well. What can I say but it is amazing what the power of prayer can do.
Welcome to America, little Miss Hannah!!!! We can't wait to get to welcome you to our family next!!!! Wow, you are going through so many changes in your life but I promise they will be good changes. God has blessed you with an amazing daddy, mommy and two fabulous big brothers. You cn't understand it all right now but someday I'm sure you will understand and know how lucky you are that God has placed you in such a Godly home.
Well just hours away and you will ALL be home. Does that sound good? It sound good to us o know y'all will finally be home safe and sound ;-)
Hugs and kisses!!! xoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Mom & Dad

Kim Smith said...

Yea!!! Glad you are almost here. I know you have had such along trip and probably really can't figure out the day or the time of day/night. Hope you got some sleep and the flight will feel so short compared to what you all have been on. You done a great job keeping us informed. I hope you still find time to blog when you get back to your house. I know many people have been praying and we will continue!!! Pray today's flights are easy and on time. Glad you got a good old American burger! What did Hannah think about that? You are just hours away from your home!!! Praying for a great travel day! Mark and Charles you are going to have so much to show Hannah when you get home! Love ya all!

granny sims said...

After reflecting on all the beautiful pictures papa and I decided unanimously the BEST picture of ALL was the one of Hannah looking at the picture of her new papa and granny. That was by far the very best. ;-). !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A big WELCOME HOME to Hannah and the rest of you as well.
It has truly been a privilege to follow this journey through your blog. Thank you so much.

God is good-ALL the time. And He obviously still answers prayers.
Glad you had a good trip over the "pond" and praying all continues to go well as you arrive home.

Kevin has a way of falling for the little ones ;) and the feelings are usually mutual.

God bless you all!

Roger Dearing

Anonymous said...

Today is the day you will sleep in your OWN bed after taking a shower/bath in your OWN shower/bathtub!!!
I will have your baby gate by your front door...along with some other goodies for our new little niece:)
Love you all and we will be thrilled to have y'all back home:)

Becky said...

Welcome home Campbell family! Welcome Home! SOOOO wish we could be there to greet you at the airport and give little Hannah a proper Texas "Howdy." We can't wait to meet her and will be praying as you all settle in over the next weeks.

we'd love to bring you dinner one night...and not stay to visit. Email me.

Becky Beckham

Donna Hill said...

Sorry, I am just now posting...I have had trouble getting it to go through on my iPad & my cell phone just wouldn't let me post!!! But I have been able to read your posts, so I have been keeping up!!! And of course praying!!!! Soooooooooooooooo glad you all are back!!!! Welcome back!!!! And welcome home, Hannah!!!! Hope to see all of you reall soon!!!!
Love ya bunches!!!!!

Anonymous said...


So much love,
The Freels

Donna Hill said...

Denise, I need you to keep posting!!! I am missing my daily, I really miss getting to see all of you everyday!!! : ).
I am soooooooooo glad we got to come meet all of you at the airport!!!! What a blessing it was to share that very special moment with you all and all of your very sweet friends!!!! What an amazing time!!!....and Hannah, is absolutely precious!!!! There is no doubt in my mind after meeting her, she is a perfect match for the Campbell family!!! I can't wait to get to spend more time with all of you & to get to know little Miss Hannah better....after you
all have gotten some rest, of course!!!
Talk to ya soon!!!
Love ya bunches!!!

Katie said...

Aaah Denise I cry through every blog post. She is precious and y'all are one amazing family!!