Sunday, October 9, 2011

Day 4

Can you believe it, we all made it down to the lobby by 6:15 am? We even beat our guide today (this was a first). Maybe that's because we were all really excited about riding the bullet train today. And ride the train we did.

It was another amazing experience for ALL of us.

Riding anything over 240 MPH is fun for all ages.

Ok, except for this man who snored SO LOUD almost the whole trip!

It was such a great way to get to see the country side of China.

However, it was also an eye opening experience for me. I personally have never seen 1st hand that kind of wide spread poverty. So many of the homes didn't even have doors or windows, and the roofs were covered with whatever they could find. This was one of the better ones.

It being October, we got to see all the farmers out working the fields to bring in their harvest. I have NEVER seen so much corn in my life...and yes, I've been to Kansas and Nebraska both. To watch all the women work right along the men with their bare hands, a hoe, and a machete type knife to cut the stalks...and can you believe, not a John Deer in site. The amazing part is that you would have never guessed that most did not use a tractor by the perfect rows and clean harvest.

The other thing that we noticed is that most people do not have washer and dryers, no matter how nice the home. They just hang their clothes out the window to dry.

The best part is that it was a nice relaxing trip for us all...and very much needed!!!!!

We are all settled into the tinniest room in the world (after taking out 1/2 the furniture in the room...NO JOKE), and a diaper bag packed for our 9 am appointment to welcome Hannah into our lives. We are all getting very excited, and I admit VERY emotional. Just praying we can get some sleep tonight.

As I lay my head down on my pillow tonight (on the tinniest bed in the world...NO JOKE) I wonder if Hannah has any idea what tomorrow will bring? If I could talk to her tonight I would tell her that tonight will be the last night she will ever be referred to as an "Orphan", and that tomorrow she will take on a new title of beloved daughter, sister, grand daughter, niece, and cousin.

We are only miles and hours away now. I can not believe this day has finally come!


Anonymous said...

So excited!!!!!

granny sims said...

I hope you all get a little sleep so you can be refreshed when you get little Miss Hannah. Please post pictures as soon as possible. We are OVER ANXIOUS to hear from you. Rest for now ;-) We wish we could be there with y'all :-( We have to wait 12 more days :-(
Be safe, we love you all ;-)
Mom &Dad

Kim Smith said...

Wow!! Lots to see and sounds like a fun ride. Mark and Charles look like they are having a great time. I hope you are actually sleeping as I write this. Our prayer is that you all have a great night sleep and you are just hours away from Hannah being apart of the Campbell family. It seems unbelievable for us so I know it is for you all. We are so anxiously awaiting to see your precious girl. We missede having lunch with you all today after church, but you will be glad to know that the offering plate passed twice in our row so we said it was for us to touch for you all so consider that you will be blessed this week. WOW is that an understatment! What a blessing this week is going to be. We pray for it to be great and know that God will hold you through it all. Can't wait to see what pictures you have tomorrow! Love you all! Again, tell everyone hello and that Kayleigh and Tyler love seeing all the pictures of Mark and Charles too.

Jennifer Bussey said...

This has been SO cool tracking you on the blog. Thanks for keeping it up to date with activities, pictures, and personal reflections. Someday, Hannah will know how blessed and favored she is. Thought about Charlie all through the dad service today, seeing all the dads commit themselves to their families, I knew Charlie was on the other side of the world living it out. We love you and send our prayers wherever your feet take you!

granny sims said...

4 more hours ;-) Hope you are getting rest!!!

granny sims said...

Hi Mark and Charles ;-) I bet you are getting so excited to meet your new sister ;-) It looks like y'all are having a great time. We can not wait till you bring Hannah home with you.
Send us pictures of that sweet little girl as soon as possible. We are so excited!!!!!! We hope to hear from y'all real soon ;-) We love you ;-)

granny sims said...

Hi Mark and Charles ;-) I bet you are getting so excited to meet your new sister ;-) It looks like y'all are having a great time. We can not wait till you bring Hannah home with you.
Send us pictures of that sweet little girl as soon as possible. We are so excited!!!!!! We hope to hear from y'all real soon ;-) We love you ;-)

Mommy of Two Wild Boys!!! said...

Dear Mark and Charles,
It's your pal Dominick. I can't wait to see a picture of your sister. I am ready for you guys to be back so we can play chase on the playground. I miss you both.

Anonymous said...

The picture of the boys sleeping needs to be in a frame! So cute. It is so very exciting that this is your last post without Hannah in it!I cannot wait to see the pictures of your sweet girl.
{P.S. The picture of the sleeping man is even better than the picture of the little girl at Trio} hahaha

Dessie said...

Love hearing of your adventures! Praying for your big day tomorrow!!

The Meyers said...

So very excited for you guys! Thinking and praying for you and Hannah!

The Meyers

Melissa said...

What sweet memories, I cried when you said tonight was the last night Hannah would be referred to as an orphan. Sweet days are ahead for little Hannah. I'm praying for you now as I think your probably getting your first glimpses of her now.

The Williams

Our TCU Family said...

Sending up prayers as I tear up just thinking about your first time to meet Hannah! Tomorrow morning you with get to be the mommy/daddy/big brothers and Hannah will get to be the little sister and daughter God intended her to be! Love and hugs from Texas :-)

Anonymous said...

Heading to bed and checked to see what time it is there, 10:30 am.... Soon! Praying for all of you! Ready to see the first pictures of the family! Rachel says "hi" :)


granny sims said...

We are so anxious to see pictures ;-)

Donna Hill said...

I can not wait....hurry up with those new family photos!!!! : )

Kristy said...

To the entire Campbell family, the Cisneros family is sitting here reading all about your greatest adventure with tears of joy! :) Hannah you are BEAUTIFUL and you have 2 wonderful big brothers. You are blessed with a most wonderful mother and father. Your Mom looks so very happy! We are excitedly awaitng your arrival in Texas! Love and prayers, the Cisneros Family. P.S. Alex and Eric are constantly wanting to know what time it is in China. Plus, they left Charles and Mark an email at your email account Denise.

Eric Cisneros said...

how do you get on a airplane? Eric