Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 13

Lions, Tigers, and PANDA Bears, oh my!!!!

Today was zoo day.

I wish I knew if she's ever been to a zoo before, or what animals she knows about, but we don't. So there's no time like the present to start.

The zoo was in much better shape than I had prepared myself for. I'm sure had it been hotter I would have seen this place much differently, but it was a beautiful day and the animals seemed to enjoy it (as much as a caged animal can). We too enjoyed getting out and having this experience with her, and it was cute watching all the little ones enjoy it together.

The best part of the trip was seeing real panda bears while in China.

They were a real hit for everyone!

We stopped for a few pictures on our way out...fun day, but we are really tired.

All the moms with their new girls in our group.

Happy girl!

Silly parents!!

Ok, can you believe I lost my camera 2 days in a row??? Left it on the bus after the zoo...Ugh! Thankfully our guide found it and gave it to me before our next tour (only a few hours later...Did I mention how tired I was?). Hey, at least I didn't almost forget my new daughter...again...sorry, but things have been a little crazy here, and did I mention how tired I am?

2nd tour of the day...dinner cruise.

NOTE TO SELF: Pack a to-go meal! Can't say I didn't try. Sorry, but when they display the actual chicken head in the chicken dish, I'm out! :(

Thank goodness for corn and watermelon.

Cute picture of the boys!

However, it was cute to watch Hannah with chopsticks.

The girl knows what she's doing. :)

After dinner, we all headed up for the beautiful view.

ALL of these lights were added for the olympic games in 2008...WOW!

Great night!

Then we all headed back inside for the grand finale...

A Chinese clown who juggles. LOL!!!

It was funny just looking at her, with a Chinese version of "Livin LaVida Loca" blaring in the background...really funny y'all!!!

However, she was really good, and the kids loved her.

The boys even got to be part of the show.

Good times!!!!

Tomorrow is our US Consulate appointment at 10 am. This will be our final step to finalizing our adoption with Hannah. Please pray all goes well.


Kim Smith said...

Well, that was a full day, but looked like lots of fun and hope everyone is feeling much better now. Again, hope you all are getting good rest tonight and that tomorrow goes super at the US Consulate, and you will be ready to head back home to Texas! Love all the pictures. Just so sweet of everyone!
The Smith's

The Meyers said...

Wow I'm sure you are so tired! You're days are so full! But I guess if you make a trip half way around the world they should be. :) It appears everyone is feeling better! Thank you for all your updates. It's really special to be a part of your journey! Praying all goes well tomorrow.

The Meyers

Donna Hill said...

PANDAS...PANDAS...PANDAS!!!! I so love pandas!!! The zoo does look a little run down, but it looks like you all had an amazing time!!! The first family zoo trip!!!...and you got to see PANDAS!!!! You can't just see that every zoo trip in Dallas or OKC!!!
So many favorite pics today!!! I love love love the one of Charlie putting Hannah in the air!!! I also love the pic of Hannah holding her hands out!!! Very cute!!! I also love the pic of the boys where they are back to back...it really looks like a mirror!!! So cool!!! I also think the pic of Mark & Charles under the the mushroom thingys is cute!!! Oh and did I tell you I like the pics of the pandas??? (I really feel like God is going to let me have a panda in Heaven)!!! Looks like Hannah really does know how to use those chopsticks!!! Good, maybe she can teach me, I make a mess every time I try to use those things...you would think a two year old just got through eating when I use chopsticks...rice everywhere...it's sad!!! All the lights look so cool from the pictures...it really looks neat where you all are staying!!! I think I might go there to see the Pandas!!! :)
Okay, one thing I am having a hard time with, well besides that chicken head thing...that just scares me!!! Anyway, I am having a hard time with the clown....I don't get it!!! When I think of China, clowns are certainly not a part of those thoughts!!! That's just funny to me!!! When I think of China, you want to know what my first thoughts are? I know it will surprise you, but they are.... pandas!!!! : )
Well, it looks like you all had a super day!!! I think you might be tired Denise!!! I'm saying that because you & Charlie were sitting on a giant kangaroo...that's just a little odd!!! Heeheehee...just kidding ya!!! It looks like even the big people were having some fun...nutt'in wrong with that!!!!
Thanks for sharing your fun day with us...and the pandas!!!
I hope everything goes smoothly at the US Consulate!!! I will be praying!!!
Love ya bunches!!!

granny sims said...

I guess I will try again,I typed the longest one I had written and Los the stinking thing sooooo I will try one more time. It will not be as long though cause I am tired. That is probably why I lost it.
I had a hard time picking my favorite picture today. I kept the pics up on my computer all day so I could look at them. I still do not know which one was my favorite. I loved the ones of Hannah eating with the chop sticks. It reminded me of you and Donna saying, "chop sticks or dock ". Remember that?? Who knew way back then that we would actually have someone that ate with chop sticks....lol Do you think she would be willing to teach me to use them?? The picture was so cute because the chop sticks were almost bigger than Hannah. So cute. I loved the pic of Mark and Charles sitting with their back to each other, it looked like one of them with their back to the mirror. I realized how fast they are growing up. They are such precious little young men ;-) I loved the Panda bears but not quit as much as Donna....lol I loved the one where Hannah has her arms wide open it made me think how she has her arms open to her new family and friends. I just pray we can fill those precious little arms with lots of love, happiness and joy. Hannah, we promise to try our best to be the family you deserve!!! I loved the pic of all the moms so proud to show of their precious little treasure they have gone half the way around the world to get. You and Charlie did a good job picking a precious little China Doll, I feel like God has led you to the perfect one!!! I loved the one of the CRAZY PARENTS!!! It amazes me that even though you are very,very tire and not feeling very good that y'all can still be so silly ;-) I guess you might say I loved all the pictures . I told you I had a hard time picking ;-)
Charlie, you know how I always mind my own business and don' t give you much advice??? Well I am going to give you a little advice!!! TAKE THE STINKING CAMERA AWAY FROM DENISE before she loses it and loses all the great pictures y'all have been taking!!!!! It might also save you some time if aren't always having to go find it.....lol
Well this is not near as long as my other one was but I am very tired tonight and this is the second post I have done, even though you will only see one. I hope it didn't look like some weird person posted in my place tonight.
We will be praying for y'all tomorrow as you go to the US Consulant tomorrow. I am sure it will be an emotional day. I don't know what this all means but I do know it will mean she officially belongs to you! What a tremendous blessing !!!! This makes me VERY happy ;-)
Well I better get to bed, I Do have to go to bed and I am a granny that needs her sleep!!!
3 more days. Oh man I hope it goes fast!!! We are so excited!!!
Hugs and kisses, love you all ;-)

granny sims said...

I saw several mistakes after I sent my post. If you need me to I can interpret this later....lol

granny sims said...

iItis now official, Hannah is the little sister of Mark & Charles. We can not wait to see and hear All abbot it. I hope you ALL sleep well tonight. It is almost time for y'all to start heading HOME ;-)

Unknown said...

Love the zoo! It was our first outing with Jamie as a baby :) The picture of y'all in the kangaroo pouch is perfect and I love the back to back of the boys on the dinner cruise. Sorry about the chicken heads - that would've done it for me too :\ Hannah looks so happy... I know that making up for the rough times. Just a few more hours and you'll be home to normal food and your own beds and getting Hannah settled in. Yay!

God be with you,

Anonymous said...

Gooooooood Morning, China! Well, it is actually good morning in the US and almost good evening in China:) Can't wait to see the pics and hear the story of today. The kids loved all the zoo pictures...Ben especially like the picture of "Aunt Denise and Uncle Charlie in the trash can!" Ha, we kept laughing at that one:)
Praying for all of you!! Get home!