Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hannah's Heart

I cannot tell you how excited we are to tell you that God has answered our prayers and has healed Hannah's heart. The Doctors exact words were, "Her heart is completely normal, the hole has closed 100%, and she never has to come back here again". That's when Charlie and I look at each other with big tears in our eyes and say, "Wow, that's AMAZING!!!" That is just like our God...when He does something He does it big. We walked into that office with a "special needs" child, and came out with a "healthy" child.

Hannah did great going without food all morning, she never even cried. We got to the hospital around 10:30 am and by 11 they were already running tests. 1st all the vitals. Next stop a couple of X-rays...Why do they always make the parent do the dirty work???

Then they began the medicine to try and sedate her (key word "try"). We learned she does not sedate easily...at all! She was just as happy as she could be when she should have been knocked out cold. Cute and frustrating all at the same time. All she wanted to do was kiss everyone. So the Dr. gave her another drug to help...now she's just flat out angry! 15-20 minutes later the nurse had to call the Dr. again because the girl is so stubborn and refuses to sleep...ugh! I am not kidding when I say she fell asleep 5 seconds before the Dr. walked in...thank you Jesus! :o) The doctor told us we will always have to warn future doctors when needing to be put her under about her sedation issue.

Now she is FINALLY ready for her echogram.

It was really sweet of God to give us a chance to hear and see her heart beat. This is usually something we adoptive parents miss out on because we did not get the chance to carry them in our womb and have that sonogram moment...it was a really sweet moment.

Then a new group of ladies came in to do her EKG, but somebody flipped on the lights and our sweet sleeping angel woke to 3 of us holding her down with wires stuck ALL OVER her...now she's a screamin demon. With all the trauma she has had in the last 2 months, this is the last thing she needs to deal with. Thankfully everyone agreed and decided to skip the EKG test...whew!

That's when we were escorted back to our room for the amazing news of Hannah's perfect little heart.

Wow, what a day! Really, what a year! I am so thankful that God placed on our hearts to adopt a child with a medical need, cause if He didn't we never would have met our precious (healthy) little girl that we have now.

She has no clue what really went on today but one day we look forward to sharing each and every miracle moment of this journey with her...over and over again. Not sure what God has planned for this little girl, but what a testimony she has already.

"Thank you God for answering all of our prayers and healing Hannah's heart, may we all use this gift to glorify you."


granny sims said...

Thank you, God, for a beautiful, healthy, precious little girl!!!! We are so thankful for the GREAT news that little Miss Hannah no longer has a hole in her heart. What an awesome God we serve. This will probably be her very best birthday gift ever, the gift of good health!!!

Lia Joy @ life is aMAYESing said...

What amazing news!! Praise the Lord!! I have been praying for sweet little Hannah! Thanks for the update :)

Lia Joy

Katie said...

Yayyyyy God! Amazing post. And she and Tyler have the exact same skinny bodies. :-)