Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Our 1st Post Placement Visit

I cannot believe it's been a month since our gotcha day! Sometimes it seems like 3 months and then other times I feel like we just got home. So, at the one month mark everyone now (thanks to the new China law that JUST passed) has to have the first of 3 post placement visits. It used to be 1 visit at 6 months and that was it. This is a real whip cause it has been so crazy with just getting over jet lag, finding a new normal (if anyone out there knows where I can find one, PLEASE let me know), all the doctor appointments, Hannah's birthday (tomorrow), the coming holidays, and now another Home Study...come on people, give me a break! We skipped Halloween, don't think I won't skip buying presents for everyone at Christmas this year too (and my love language is gifts if that tells you anything...I'm just kidding about not buying gifts...No I'm not).

So today was just a bunch of questions my foggy brain could not answer, 1) How much did she weigh and what was her head circumference in China...I don't know because it was a crazy place and I didn't think to ask, 2) How much did she weigh and what was her head circumference at yesterday's hospital visit...again, no one told me to remember those details. This is our 3rd child, can you tell? 3) What did we think of our registration experience in China...Ummm, when was that??? Basically, we should have been given a heads up on what China expected of this 1st visit before we left so we would be more aware of details as we went along. I just thought it was going to be a time to make sure she is happy, adjusting to life in our family, and making sure all her needs were being met...NOT! Don't get me wrong, she was full of those questions too, I just wasn't prepared for the detailed questions. Just kept sittin there thinking, "I sure wish she'd just ask me about our sex life"...anything I might know something about. So now I have homework...I hate homework!

The good news is that I love our HS agent, and she was so nice to not look at us with a "Poor child has these crazy brainless people as parents" look...even though she was probably thinking it...Hi Jenna!

I guess I should stop blogging and get on that homework now, or wrap a birthday gift for tomorrow. I can't believe tomorrow is her big day! We have a lot of celebrating to do tomorrow, for many reasons!

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