Saturday, September 3, 2011

Hearts are changing!

With each day that passes, we can understand how our hearts continue to grow to love Hannah more every day (even though we have never met her), but when God started changing the boy's hearts in such big ways it really shocked a good way.

The week before the boys started 1st grade (sniff, sniff) one of them said, "Mommy, I can't wait until school starts!" When I asked him why, I totally expected them to say it was because they were getting excited about seeing all their friends...but I was wrong. Charles said (with pure excitement), "Because after school starts then it will almost be time to go to China!" Then I asked what part of going to China they were most excited about, now totally expecting to hear: 1) Flying on a plane (which they have NEVER done); 2) Staying in a hotel for 2 1/2 weeks; or 3) Daddy not having to go to work (This is definitely on the top of my list). When the answer came out I was shocked; they both answered (in a DAH tone), "Because we get to get our sister!" Oh what sweet words those were to my ears. Just another sweet blessing in all of this. :o)

As the next few days passed God continued to show us how he is working on their hearts. The boys had gift cards to spend at the book store, so the day before school started I took them shopping. They each had enough for 2 books, but as they made their selection and we made our way to the checkout Charles had a change of heart. He passed a jewelry section were he found a little panda bear box with a little panda bear necklace, and he HAD to have it. I tried to talk him out of it, but then he said (looking up at me with tears in his eyes), "But Mommy, I want to give this to her to help remind her of where she came from...I'll put one book back." Well, I had to let him. So with his own money he bought his little sister this sweet gift.

The other change we've seen is how they play. Always walking around with their swords and bow and arrows (ok that's no different than any other day), but now they pretend they are "Hannah's Protectors".

Now if that doesn't make your heart melt then you need to see a cardiologist!

OK, this one is just because it's funny...y'all pray she likes silly boys! :o)


Katie said...

Yes melting heart here for sure!!

Cheryl said...

Yes, my heart DID melt!! Oh my gosh...pure sweetness! I love the "Hannah Protectors" and the pics! She will be blessed to have such caring and Brave brothers!

Our TCU Family said...

What sweethearts! Hannah is a blessed little sister to get such amazing big brothers, and how she will bless their lives too! Will be praying over you all as you make your way!